Sherwood Forest by Andrew Nicholson


Around 115 pre-1800 manuscript maps covering the whole of the Forest, or parts of it, survive. See the following for details:

 A useful study of the surviving pre-19th century maps of Sherwood Forest is:

Printed maps

Extract of Chapman's map of Nottinghamshire showing Clipstone Park and the woodlands of Bilhaugh and Birklands.
Extract of Chapman's map of Nottinghamshire showing Clipstone Park, Edwinstowe and the woodlands of Bilhaugh and Birklands.

John Chapman’s map of Nottinghamshire (1774) is the earliest printed map at a sufficiently useful scale (1 statute mile to one inch) to provide basic information on town and village layout and the existence of landscape features such as roads, parkland and mills. A facsimile version was published by Nottinghamshire County Council in 2003.

George Sanderson’s map, Twenty miles around Mansfield, originally published in 1835, covers most of Nottinghamshire (including the Sherwood Forest area) at a scale of 2¼ inches to 1 mile (showing fields, individual buildings, roads, industrial sites, parish and township boundaries, etc) and a reproduction has been published by Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Library Services (2001).

Ordnance Survey

Large scale Ordnance Survey maps from the late 19th and early 20th centuries show the landscape of Sherwood Forest in great detail:

These maps can be consulted at Nottinghamshire Archives or the local studies sections of Nottingham Central Library and many of the county’s public libraries.

Manuscript  maps

National Archives

The map has been re-drawn and published with the accompanying survey in:

Stephanos Mastoris and Sue Groves (eds.) Sherwood Forest in 1609. A Crown survey by Richard Bankes, Thoroton Society Record Series, vol. XL, 1997

Belvoir Castle Manuscripts

Nottingham City Museums

Nottinghamshire Archives

British Library

Portland Estate Office, Welbeck Abbey

Chatsworth House