Framework Knitters by Dr Denise Amos


Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum

Frameshop (c.1890) at Ruddington Frameworker Knitters' Museum
Frameshop (c.1890) at Ruddington Frameworker Knitters' Museum [photo courtesy of Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum]

Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum is a small independent working museum, operated by a charitable trust. It is based on a complex of workshops, cottages, and outbuildings arranged around a garden courtyard, together with a former chapel in which many of the knitters worshipped. The site has been restored to show the working and living conditions of 19th century framework knitters and their families. Facilities include a small library, study centre, shop, and tearoom.

Calverton Folk Museum

A modest village museum housed in the four rooms of an 18th century Stockinger's cottage. Housing period furniture and clothing, fossils, a framework knitting machine, Victorian kitchen, living room and bedroom and displays on the history of framework knitting