Boots by Sophie Clapp


Advert, 1913 (CAIS, 4834).
Advert, 1913 (CAIS, 4834)

Advert, 1969 (CAIS, 1225)
Advert, 1969 (CAIS, 1225)

The Boots Heritage Collection contains a wealth of illustrative material charting the development of its products, advertising and store design as well as its employee welfare initiatives.


Extensive photographic collection representing all aspects of the Boots business, 1880s onwards.  Themes include:

Packaging Artwork

Original and printed examples of product packaging artwork, 1910s-1960s

Film footage

Small collection of staff training films and some TV commercials, 1930s onwards

Some of these images and films can be viewed through an online exhibition at

Please note that some material within the collection has access limitations