Agriculture by Professor John Beckett


Farnsfield enclosure document,, 1777

Document produced by the enclosure commissioners for Farnsfield parish, 1777.


Key source material is held at the Public Record Office, Kew. Of particular importance are the annual agricultural statistics (the so-called June returns) of production, for each village (aggregated from individual farm returns) for 1866 onwards (PRO reference: MAF 68). The PRO catalogue can be searched over the Internet at

The most recent returns are held locally at the government offices on Chalfont Drive, Nottingham.


Edith Hickson’s Life at Laxton (available in the Nottinghamshire Local Studies Library) includes personal reminiscences of farming in the village, c.1890.


Nottinghamshire Archives includes a range of material relating to the agriculture of the county stretching from the detail of medieval cartularies to modern returns, farm records etc.