Agriculture by Professor John Beckett


Horse drawn plough

Horse-drawn plough at Laxton in the 1950s.


There is no dedicated local photographic collection relating to agriculture, but as with all subjects relating to the history of the county, researchers are advised to consult the picture collection held at Angel Row Library, Nottingham.

Some photos are kept under special topics, but many are kept in street/area order.

'Picture the Past' - Picture Nottingham - a joint project by the local authorities of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Derby who are currently putting a vast range of photographs onto a website –

Welchman Photographic Project, Bassetlaw Museum. Photographs taken between 1910 and 1960 forms a valuable record of Retford and the surrounding villages during the first half of the twentieth century. Website –

Film & video

Nottingham Central Library has loan copies of various films and videos relating to Laxton, which explain the working of the open fields.

There are a number of videos at the Nottinghamshire Local Studies Library which have references to agriculture but are not specific to the topic. Ask at the counter.


The Nottingham Castle and Art Museum has a wide range of pictures of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire: a list is compiled in the Fine Art Collection handlist available at the Castle. Many are on show within the exhibition programme and researchers are advised to contact the Castle Museum for details.

Clifton Tomson – horses

Heather Williams, Nottingham Artists, 1750-1924 (University of Nottingham PhD Thesis, 1981) is a good source providing information on artists and what they painted.

Relevant images may be available through the Rural History Centre at the University of Reading (