Weather observing and recording in Nottinghamshire by John Wilson


Edward J Lowe

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Lowe, E.J. Natural phenomena and chronology of the seasons: being an account of remarkable frosts, droughts, thunderstorms, gales, floods, earthquakes, etc. also diseases, cattle plagues, famines, etc. which have occurred in the British Isles since A.D. 220, chronologically arranged London

All of Edward Lowe’s publications can be found in Bromley House Library.

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The Meteorologist’s Annual Assistant in Keeping a Diary of the Weather or register of the state of the Barometer, Thermometer, Wind &c and fall of Rain, London. Printed for Robert Baldwin, Paternoster Row
No date is given for the printing of the book, but Robert Baldwin was known to be active between 1749 and 1810. He published the London Magazine or Gentleman’s Monthly Intelligencer, which ran from 1732 to 1785. However, it would appear that the Meteorologist’s Annual Assistant was first printed in 1793 and was widely distributed. It was advertised in 1818 in the Journal of Science and the Arts at the price of 3s. Although the Meteorologist’s Annual Assistant appears to have been sold widely, few copies have survived. Two are in the British Library and one in the collection of the Library Company of Philadelphia. All these copies are unused. One copy is in the National Meteorological Library and Archive (Record No. 965772). This record was made at Trumpington near Cambridge for the period January to December 1820 by John Hailstone. Those in the British Library would appear to be a different edition from those in Nottingham and Exeter. The title page of the British Library copies calls the book the Meteorologist’s Assistant, rather than Meteorologist’s Annual Assistant, and there are other minor differences in the wording. Otherwise, the layout of the two editions is very similar.

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The Nottingham Date Book contains many references to weather, particularly severe weather and floods.

British Rainfall was published annually from 1861 to 1991. An almost complete collection is held by the Hallward Library, University of Nottingham.