Nottingham by Professor John Beckett


The old town hall at Weekday Cross, c.1890
The old town hall at Weekday Cross, c.1890.


Nottingham Local Studies Library at Angel Row holds a vast collection of Nottingham pictorial images, many of them reprinted in

Many are now available on the Picture the Past website:


The Thomas Sandby collection of artistic representations of Nottingham market place, dating from the 1740s, and now in the Castle Art Gallery, give a splendid impression of the Georgian town centre as it had developed by the mid-eighteenth century.

Topographical drawings of Nottingham subjects can be found for the 19th century in the British Library (BL) including:

Use the BL’s online catalogue for further details:

For information on pictures relating to Nottingham held in the Castle Museum contact the curator at the Castle.

Drawings by the nineteenth-century artist Tom Hammond depict the town before its 20th century development. Many were reproduced in

For the work of other Nottingham artists (not always relating to the city) see Brook, Bibliography, 84-6.

For writers, including Graham Greene and Alan Sillitoe, see Brook, Bibliography, 79-81

Film and video

Videos of the town, both contemporary and historic, are available in the County Studies Library on Angel Row.

Some historic film footage is available, together with film representations such as the video of Alan Sillitoe’s play Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, which was filmed c.1960 in areas of the town now redeveloped.

A list of film and video materials is available at Nottingham Local Studies Library. Examples of the material available include Nottingham through the ages; Bygone Nottingham; Around Nottingham; 2000 years in Nottingham- the story of the city; Nottingham at War.

Audio material survives in the records of the Nottinghamshire Living History Archive.

Anyone seriously interested in working with this type of media should visit Nottingham Local Studies Library for more information.